September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Hey! Sorry about the lack of posts, been super busy, but thats just the life of a homeschooler! Lol! Anyways, wanted to apologize for not posting the final conclusion of doll camp, but that will be up soon. Okay! Now on to the birthday celebrations.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Look at that cute face! Well, I'll be posting sometime this week, so be sure to leave a comment!

September 11, 2013

Summer camp- AG style! part 7

"Yay! Going for a car trip today!" The girls sang. "Saige, do you have our dresses?" Sierra asked. "Yep! They are right here." Saige replied. "Ooh! I can't wait until the tea party!" Ivy squealed excitedly. 
After the girls had gotten dressed, and met up with their friends, Saige, and Caroline, they started to have some tea. (That is not me in the picture! It is my friend.) 

"Thank you for the tea!" Sierra said politely. 
"So, Sierra. How was your car trip here?" Caroline asked. "It was great Caroline! Thank you for asking!" 
"All I'm worried about, is that there are TWO Saiges, and both of them are adorable!" Saige said with a sigh. 
"Well, how about we call you Tessa, and I'll be Saige! Okay?" Saige asked. Okay, sounds like a plan!" Tessa/Saige said. (My Saige is Tessa BTW)  
"This is the most fun tea party ever!" Ivy exclaimed. Stay tuned for the last day of camp!


Hey! My friend is writing a book, and is showing it on her blog. You have to check it out! It is pretty cool!


Hey Y'all! is having a giveaway for an american doll room! If you do not know what these are, go to to find out! Also, I apologize for not posting much, I have been busy getting into the swing of school after the summer! So stay tuned later for another post! Until then,