November 6, 2015

So, you see….

Yeah, still in the process of moving, so…. Still busy… But in other news, if you check out that new page on the side, you can request character design! And also, my BIRTHDAY is in a few days!!!
You guys. That means...
Woo hoo!!!
Alright, I've got nothing else to say type, so…

October 2, 2015


Hello to the random person who remembered, and went, "Oh yeah! This random blog that I read twice! I wonder if there's been a new post since the last time I checked, which was 7 MONTHS AGO!!" Yeeaahhh…… Anyways, the reason I have not been posting, is that my family is currently in the process of building a house and moving. Soo… That's my excuse! How about you comment below on what you want me to post?
(Random Percabeth/Little Mermaid comic)
(I made this signature if you were wondering)

April 3, 2015

The Fangirl Award

A.K.A, the PERFECT award for me! So, this award was created by Piggy Luver, back on her blog. Here are the rules.
  1. Thank the Person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  2. Copy and paste these rules onto your post. You must include the rules!
  3. Answer the questions that are on this post as best you can. (YOU DO NOT MAKE MORE QUESTIONS UP YOURSELF)
  4. Nominate 5-10 people and link them in the post. (If you know 10 people, than please nominate 10 people)
  5. Go to each of the nominees and comment on one of their posts to tell them that you nominated them with a link to the post.
  6. Put the award at the bottom of the post.
Wow. Strict rules! (LOL, Jk) So, let's get down to those questions!
  1. Do you remember the first chapter book series that you read? If so, what was it? Yes I remember, it was The Chronicles of Narnia. I was six.
  2. What fandoms are you in? Ex: Divergent, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson Oh geez, where do I  start?! Okay, Big Hero six, Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. PERCY JACKSON, a little Divergent, some Star Wars here and there, Minecraft occasionally, How to train your dragon, My Little Pony, Disney… Marvel… Well, really more like Spiderman.
  3.  What is your favorite book/series? If you can't decide, what books do you just LOVE? Fav series? That's easy. Heroes of Olympus!
  4. What movie that is based on the book do you hate the most? Either Percy Jackson 1 or 2. I can't stand either of them. ARGH!
  5. What are some books would recommend us(bloggers/readers) to read? Percy Jackson. 'Nuff said.
  6. If you were to go to jail(I am not implying that you would) and you could only take the bible and one book with you, what book would you take(you are not allowed to say "I don't know"!) Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief. Definitely a classic.
  7. What book are you currently reading? Anne of the Island, or Anne of Green Gables 3
  8. What is your favorite quote from a book or movie? Umm…. Well, be prepared, there's a lot. 
"Like your zodiac sign? I'm a Leo."
"No, stupid. I'm a Leo. You're a Percy." (Percy and Leo, Blood of Olympus)
"Behold! The gods chosen beverage. Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!" ( Percy, Mark of Athena)
"Knife hand! Hammer fist! Back kick! GUMMY BEARS!" (Hiro, Big Hero 6)
"A sink? Who throws a sink?! Whao carries a sink just for the purpose of throwing it?!" (Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman)
"You my friend, are a ray of sunshine. (Percy, Mark of Athena)
"Pinkie! You're a genius!"
"I'm not a genius, I'm a chicken! *insert chicken noise here* (Twilight and Pinkie, My little pony, Luna  Eclipsed episode)
"Whoa. Look at these wrinkles. What is holding this woman together? WHAT THE?! How long has that been there? (Kuzco, Emperors New Groove)
"You almost set me on fire!"
"But I didn't!" (Kristoff and Anna, Frozen)
"Can you believe they kissed? This is insane man, I mean what the heckity, what the HECKITY is going on." (Brianna, Aspen Heights)
"Oh. My. Cows Potatoes." (Cassie, Aspen Heights)
Okay, I could go on literally forever, I've barely even scratched the surface, but I should be done.
Nominee time!
Bai bai!

Winter Wasteland Tag

Here's another thingie I was nominated for by Piggy Luver in….. Well, a looong time ago. LOL. So, here are the rules. (yes, I know it is no longer winter)
  1. Share 5-15 things you like to do in the winter
  2. Tag 5-10 people.

Seems easy. Okay, so, let me just think about five days back to when it was actually winter. LOL. These are in no particular order.
  1. ICE SKATING!! I just learned how to this year, and got my own pair of ice skates! I skated like every single day! AHH!! IT'S SOOO FUN! Rant aside, let's continue.
  2. Sledding was fun, when you're not breaking your back by deciding to do a train and then crashing…. and being the one underneath your cousins… and their friends. Haha…..ha….ouch
  3. READING!! Especially Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus! I actually had a contest with Uppermichigirl to read them! Okay, so she was just finishing Son of Neptune (book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus) and I suggested, in a totally boastful way, that I could read all five of the PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and all five of the HoO (Heroes of Olympus) books before she could finish Mark of Athena (book 3), House of Hades (book 4), and Blood of Olympus (book 5). Well, I know you all are thinking, HA! I bet you got whooped! Well, to be perfectly honest, we called the contest off when we were BOTH on the last book, BoO (Blood of Olympus). We decided we wanted to read the last chapter together. (Technically, she won because she finished the rest of the chapters before the last one before I did) MOVING ON!
  4. Building snowmen armies! … Okay, so I built like one snowman, but who cares, right?
  5. Watching movies at the theater. Several times. Like Big Hero 6! I saw that one 4 times in the theater! And Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies! Saw that one twice! Both with Uppermichigirl! I also saw Annie with Piggy Luver, which was fun!
  6. Pinterest. Let's just say my whole winter basically revolved around Pinterest.
  8. Okay, this one is a bit weird. *deep breath* Customizing Ever After High dolls. Now some of you are like, "What? Why is that weird? What is it?" Well, here are some examples.

This is Dakota Riley. She's a custom 'Getting Fairest' Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping beauty. She just had her pink streaks taken out, a little trim off her hair, and an outfit swap.

This is Delia Kudo. Now, she was a little tougher. She is a custom 'Basic' Cerise Hood, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. She got side bangs, and a purple streak in her hair! She also had her original bangs removed. Her gray eyes were repainted brown and she had an outfit swap.

Now this, THIS is a challenge! This is Medusa Gorgon. She used to be 'Basic' Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen. Now, with her newly re-rooted green hair, and awesome new dress, that I sewed. Her eyes are now a piercing lime green, and her black and silver shoes have been repainted. In short, SHE'S AWESOME! 
That's about all I can think of for now, so I'll see ya'll later!
Here are the nominees

April 1, 2015

You are Amazing and so is your Blog Award

Wow! So, Piggy Luver nominated me for this award way back in January, and I have not been able to post the thingie! (or award, whatever you want to call it) So, here are the rules.
1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.
Okie-Dokie-Loki! So, there's the rules. Right there, ya see 'em? LOL, let's get to it! So here are her questions, and of course, my answers.

  • What is your favorite junk food? Hrm…. Well, I LOVE baked lays, and also Barbecue lays, but I'd have to pick POPCORN! YUMMY!
  • Are you a tomboy or girlie-girl? Define girlie-girl. Lol, JK. Probably tomboy.
  • What is your favorite post you have done? Like it here: Isabelle Diaries part 1. Definitely my personal fav.
  • If you only had 1 hour to live left, where would you live it? Huh. Never heard that one before. Umm, Somewhere surrounded by friends and family. And cookies. Definitely cookies.
  • Comfort, or uncomfortable fashion? Are you serious? COMFORT PEOPLE!!
  • Here are the nominees.
    Here are your questions:
    1. Have you read Percy Jackson?
    2. What is your favorite AG doll? That you own or want.
    3. Have you seen the youtube show Aspen Heights? (Agsmiless, you don't have to answer this one ;).)
       A. (this question is a bonus) What's your favorite episode of Aspen Heights?
    4. What's your favorite blog to read?
    5. Hoodie or Jacket?
    Have fun with my questions!

    Bad, bad BAD news. :-(

    Hey guys and/or gals. I have TERRIBLE news. As of now, I am no longer going to continue my blog. I just have no time for it, and it seems like Piggy Luver is the only one that reads it anyhow. I could go off on some long sob story, or try to come up with some excuse, but I think I'm just going to say goodbye. I'll miss you, random person who read this.

    Bwahaha! Did you see the look on your face? PRICELESS! LOL!! 
    So. Funny. Can't. Stop. Laughing! Haha, in all seriousness though, my blog is here to stay.

    (I am in love with cute mlp thingies! They can do anything for you!)

    February 14, 2015

    Have you been bitten by the love bug?

    Hai guys! Happy Valentines day!!! …. That's… That's about it. Have some cute valentiney pics. 
    Look how happy Pinkie pie is!! LOL, she's got like five balloons. 
    Aww!!! They love their teacher sooo much!!! 
    DAWWW!!! SO CUTSIES!!!  
    So. Many. Cute. Valentines! 
    Baymax! So, while I am off recovering from a heart that exploded with cuteness, 

    January 1, 2015

    New Years Day!

    Happy New Year! Wow! 2015! Feels, different, but the same. Man, I'll be 15 this year! WOW! Then I can drive next year! Yeesh, not so sure about that one. How long did you make it till last night? I made it till 11:20. Then I fell asleep. Are you tired now? I slept in this morning till 9:05! What are your resolutions? Hey! have you seen the new GOTY, Grace?
    Wow. That is a tiny photo.
    That's better! (Took this one myself!) Didn't catch the reveal yesterday, so I had to watch a clip on the internet. She's cute! Still think Isabelle is better, but hey, we are all in titled to our own opinions here. Looks like Chrissa, GOTY 2009, but with side bangs, freckles and longer hair. Although, I do like the looks of that pastry cart. Cute, and yummy! Might just be coming home to me sometime this year!
    Bai 4 now!

    December 31, 2014

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! And other stuff

    So… Ya…. Um.. Look, guys. Really sorry! Man, I hate making these "I'm sorry" posts, and telling you that I'll post, then I forget. So, no promises, I might post, and I might not. You can never tell with me. THAT'S IT! That's my New Years Resolution! Here it is: *Clears throat* I am going to try to post, twice a month. More if I can, or want to. Whew! That aside, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND TO ALL A GREAT YEAR! Wait, that's Christmas. Aw, whateves. Nite!

    December 9, 2014

    So so SO Sorry!!

    Hey guys! As the title implies, I am really sorry about not posting for like, FOREVER! I have not abandoned my blog for good, I've just been REEALLY busy with school, free reading, LIFE, ect. I do have plans for a Christmas doll photo story, as I will be taking pictures of my dolls this afternoon. Umm…… Have you checked out my shared blogs? A dash of friendship and Whateves!  I have posts coming up this week, so stay tuned!
    P.S. A note to G.P.L, from Lords girls, I love that you keep nominating me for all these awards and stuff, and I will try to get around to them eventually. Thank you to all the people who keep coming and checking my blog when I always have nothing posted! Bai!