January 24, 2014

Chickadee's 13 birthday!!!

A Few brief notes....

  • This is not my real birthday, my real birthday was a few days later!
  • Also, My birthday is in November.
  • Thirdly, this has nothing to do with everything else, but I am still working out the kinks in the video I am making, Upppermichigirl has already seen previews of it tho...... Anyways, here is the photo story!
"Chickadee's presents were great!" Cyanne said.  
"Yes. I will enjoy these expensive looking french chocolate mints!" Madame Cleona said. (They are not expensive at all) 
" Hello there and, excuse me, but can twice the bird be free?" (Maddie speaks riddlish. So if you don't understand, I will put the real meaning in parentheses. What she said was,  Hi! Can someone get me out please?) 
"I am thinking of a big tea party themed welcome party for that doll in the box." Pinkie announced. 
"Oh my goodness! We have to get her out!" Cyanne exclaimed.
"I will get you out!" Saige declared. 
"I think I should get her out myself." Chickadee said. 
"Hi! I am Cyanne!" Cyanne said. 
"Don't get any ideas about dethroning me you little newbie!" Madame Cleona said. 
"Look! I am an ever after high doll!" Cyanne said. 
Now the box is empty. 
"Hello dearie. I am Madame Cleona Drezela Antoinette the third. And who are you?" Madame Cleona asked. "Hey diddle diddle! I have a riddle, from Madeline Hatter to you! Madeline is me, or Maddie for short, but also for tall people too. (Meaning, Hi my name is Maddie. Do you want to hear a riddle?) 
"Umm. Ok, Hi! My name is Cyanne and thats Saige!" Cyanne said. 
"And I'm Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie said. 
"I think you and Pinkie will be best friends!" Cyanne declared. 
The girls explore the countertop for the perfect party place. 
"Hey Maddie! How about this place for your party?" Pinkie pie asked. "It is perfect Pinkie!" Maddie said. 
"Alright now. SHOO!" Pinkie said. 
"I will give you a tour of the doll area while we wait for Pinkie!" Cyanne said. 
"Over here is Dee! She is going with Chickadee to Disney world!" Cyanne said longingly. 
"And now to go upstairs!" Cyanne said. 
Its a long way up! 
Finally here! 
"Hi girls! This is Maddie!" Cyanne called. 
"So nice to meet you Maddie!" Magnolia said. 
"You are welcome to shop here whenever you like!" Pina said. 
"We had better get home now, Pinkies party record is four minutes, seventeen seconds! So if we don't hurry, we'll be late!" Cyanne exclaimed.
"We are just about ready! All we need is Cyanne and Maddie!" Pinkie said. 
"Here we are!" Maddie said. 
"Amazing party Pinkie Pie!" Maddie said in wonder. 
"Cheers to the new girl!" Saige said. 
"Cheers!" Everyone said. 
"This is the best party ever!" Maddie said. 
"Thank you for the amazingly hat-tastic welcome party!" 

January 23, 2014


Hey guys! Just here to say, sorry I have not posted for a week, and that I still have not posted my doll thanksgiving, or christmas yet. Also, I am having a cousins AG party at my house tomorrow afternoon, so there should be some photos of that! Still working on the "New Project", so hang in there guys! I have to adjust the speed, and all of the footage is on my laptop, so I need to find out how to send it to my family's big Mac computer. (Hint hint Uppermichigirl? Big mac? Lol!!) Ok, sooooo thats about it! See ya round!

January 9, 2014


Hey everyone! As the title suggests, I found an awesome new blog! Here is the link. 10dolls1blog.blogspot.com! The owner, Sparkie, LOVES How to train your Dragon just like me! It is a really cool blog so go check it out!

The Isabelle diaries

Hi! Isabelle here, and guess what? I am at my new BFF'S house! I know because I was taken out of the big, loud, noisy truck and set on the ground. Mph! It is freezing here!! Ah, Hello? Is anyone there? After a little while of just leaning up against the wall, I heard slow clumpy footsteps and a door opening! I screamed a little, I was so excited! I think whoever it was heard me, because I heard an excited squeal! I was then lifted up and carried inside. Whoever found me must have been excited, because I was being jostled from side to side in the big shipping box! Ouch! When we got inside, I heard the person who was holding me scream, quite out of breath, "SHE CAME!" Her mom said excitedly, "Well lets open her!" "Ok, let me just email Uppermichigirl first, I promised I would email her the second she came." All of a sudden, I was being opened! I was relived, until the box opened and an Ivy doll poked her head through the slats in the box an yelled, "HI!" I screamed with both terror and delight! I had a little sister! (As Isabelle will learn, thats not always the best thing to have, but the worst thing to have is a cousin named Kit. ;~) Uppermichigirl? LOL) I was pulled out of the shipping box, pried out of my regular box and held by my new BFF, Chickadee! After that she exclaimed over the adorableness of my outfit. So, I may have some posts sometimes, but I don't know yet. Anyways, See y'all soon! (BTW, This was supposed to be posted Jan 7)

January 7, 2014

The Isabelle diaries

B-O-R-E-D. Arg! I have been in this box since the first of January!! I am so bored! Yesterday, I was so bored that I read my book. Twice. Ah, but I still can't wait to meet my new BFFL! (Best friend for life) I wonder if I will have a little brother or sister. Maybe both! Ooh! I just can't wait! I wonder which one of my mix and match outfits is in the boxes next to me in this shipping package. It is dark in here, and VeRy BuMpY! Oh! We are pulling into a gas station! Or restaurant, depending on how long he stays inside. Sigh, I hope that they don't take too long, I want to get to my new friends house soon! And he is back in the car. I wonder if any other dolls are in this truck with me right now! Anyway, see you soon! (Btw, this was supposed to be posted january 6)

January 4, 2014

Doll diaries giveaway!

Doll Diaries is having a giveaway for the store exclusive Isabelle tee shirt!

January 3, 2014

The Isabelle diaries.

Thump. Bump. Thumpidie bumpidie. ?? Oh! Sorry, I forgot you didn't understand doll box speak. Anyways, what I said was, Hello there! My name is Isabelle! Right about now, I am in my box. In Middleton WI. Surrounded by HUNDREDS of other dolls. It is kinda cramped in here, but we make it work okay. I get to look at the furniture, and clothes. I am pretty lucky. Most of the other dolls don't know how to escape yet. Every night, after the security guard leaves, the dolls who know how to escape, slowly climb out of their boxes, and make their way to a small display table that the workers have set up for random photo shoots. Right now, They have some dinner displays set up for us to eat! There are mostly Isabelle dolls like me here, because it is still new years eve. We have a limited time here tonight, some people order their Isabelles at 12:03 in the morning!!! We talked, and laughed and ate. Then, at about 11:56, some workers unlocked the big doors, and checked in. Ahh! We screamed. "If we get caught outside our boxes, we will never find a real home with a little girl! Remember #54? Aka, Harriet? She was caught outside her box and got put into a storage unit!" A Molly doll shrieked. Huh! All the dolls gasped. We ran as fast as our short little legs could carry us, sliding down the table legs, and climbing up the shelf, shoving open our boxes, and using our tiny little fingers to twist tie on all the little cords. We pulled the door of our boxes shut and scooted back into our place on the shelf. We were lucky this time. The workers got on the computer, and started typing in americangirl.com to be sure they were ready for the orders that were about to start flooding in. "Hey, did you see the Isabelle release thingie on Good Morning America?" A girl worker said. "Nope!" Said the boy worker. "Do you want to see it?" The girl worker asked. "Sure!" He said. She pulled the video up on youtube, pressed play, and if I turned my head a little, I got to watch! Wow! I had no idea how much people were looking forward to me coming out on the website! "Whoa." I murmured. Oh no! Its 12:02! The ball has dropped and Isabelle dolls are on sale! I am so nervous! They start putting some of us into a big room for a big machine to put us in shipping boxes with big labels that tell us where we will be mailed to. I willed myself to fall asleep, just for a few minutes. I woke up the next day feeling rather stiff, after all, I didn't get much exercise yesterday. I looked at the big workroom clock and gasped. It was 2:45 the next day! Oh! I was being lifted up and put in a big shipping box with one of my mix and match outfits. Oh no!!!! They are closing the box and putting tape on it, and they just smacked on the shipping label, and now I am being carted to the big mailing truck to be shipped to my new owners home. I will miss my other friends, but I can't wait to meet my new BFF!