August 27, 2014

My '70's girl style

Hi guys! Today I decided to be crafty and repurposed one of my old doll tanks and a pair of my jeans to make…..
I made and '70's inspired outfit for my '70's girl Ivy! 
The headband is one of my mom's bracelets. 
The shirt is a doll tank that I sewed randomly a year ago. Today I added the peace sign appliqué! The vest is a no-sew that I made/invented today. 
My cousin down in Iowa made this bracelet for me. It's too small, so I gave it to my dolls! I think it's the perfect accessory for Ivy's outfit. 
The bellbottom jeans were a christmas gift from my grandma two years ago, the same christmas I got Ivy! (She didn't even know that I had Ivy, and she gave me a whole '70's themed outfit for my dolls!) 
The boots are Ivy's meet outfit boots. 

Here is the back of the vest. Nothing too special really… 
So, thats what I crafted today! What have you crafted for your dolls recently?

August 26, 2014

Funny randomness

Hey guys! I was bored so I decided to make this.  This is a funny AO vid that I decided to share with you all. Hope you like it!

August 25, 2014

Tim hawkins

These videos were soooo funny! I just want you guys to see them and laugh with me!

I hope you guys like these!

The Isabelle diaries. (Complete with pictures!)

Ok, It's me Isabelle again! I have some pictures of when I first arrived at Chickadee's house to share with you.
The girls hanging out on the countertop. 
Sierra, Elsa, and Anna are chatting. 
My shipping box. 
Ah yes, this is right about when I screamed. 
The inside of my box. 
The outfit pieces I got as a welcome present were shipped with me. And there's Chickadee's little brother's arm. 
I'm free!….Sorta 
Ivy and Anna playing in my shipping box. 
Is that a packing peanut on her head?? 
Goofy Anna, you have two packing peanuts on your head. 
Ah, nice to stretch my limbs again. 
Yes, that's a christmas tree in the background. 
Me at my new house. 
"It's so good to finally meet you Isabelle! I feel like I have been waiting forever to see you, even though I saw Uppermichigirl's Isabelle only three days ago." 
Hi everyone! 
"Welcome Isabelle!" 
A pic of the welcome banner they made for me. 
My new bedroom.  
"It's so nice here!" 
"We have a present for you Isabelle!"
"Wow! A new doll to play with! Thank you so much!" 
"I knew she'd like it, Anna. 
I love my new Home!

August 24, 2014

New blog I have

I am sorry for the delay in posting guys! So please put the chairs down angry mob, put it down please, thanks. Anyway, Me and Guinea pig lover started a new blog. Here is the link. Da Linky! So anyways, you might see me posting on there from time to time. So check it out!!!
Here's a pic that I took at christmas. Aren't Anna and Elsa cute??