November 28, 2013

Watch out turkeys!

Gobble! Happy thanksgiving everyone! I want to know what your favorite part of thanksgiving is! Email me at,, or leave a comment! Happy Turkey day!!


Ok! You know my car ride post? Well, that is not going to continue anymore. I was bored, and it was dumb. Ok! I got a new camera so be prepared for some good pictures! I will be writing some new posts so stay tuned! Oh! And also, Trinity changed her blog name. It is now,! Check it out sometime! Ok, I have a lot of thanksgiving doll pics to take, so stay tuned!

November 8, 2013

My car ride. Part 1 out of 3

Hi! I am on my first day out of 3 long car rides. I am writing this on the iPad, while watching megamind. I am kind of bored, so if you read this, email me or leave a comment! Uppermichigirl and trinity,  I miss you lots!!!