Character Design

   Hello peeps! Do you have a story and you just can't decide how the characters will look, and you just can't draw them out for the life of you? Here is where you can order a character that I draw specifically for you! Here's the best part: IT'S FREE!!!! All you have to do is email me by clicking here and tell me...
  1. If your character is a boy/girl/otherworldly creature.
  2. What color skin, eyes, and hair?
  3. Style and Personality?
  4. The characters NAME (This is vital! LOL, I will pick a name for you if you so desire, but it will probably be something weird like Agatha, or Zelda [both AWESOME names, I'm not hating on them!])
  5. Where does your story take place?
That's all I can think of for right now, so see ya'll later! (My attempt at a southern accent)

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