May 29, 2013

Craft: Surfboard

What you will need:
A Cereal box
Fun Foam, or construction paper
Pen or pencil
A Doll or stuffed animal

Now, this is optional, I just wanted a cute decal for my surfboard, it doesn't have to be layered. But anyways, this is what I did next. Draw a shape, anything you want, and cut it out.
Okay, now cut a square of cardboard off the cereal box. Set your doll or stuffed animal onto the square to measure how big it should be. Draw the outline of the surfboard onto the square and cut it out
Okay, now its time to add the decal from earlier. Just glue it on wherever you like.
I added an extra sequin!
Now use the markers to color it in! Have fun with your new surfboard!

May 22, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy this weekend. So I apologize if you checked daily and didn't see anything new. There will be more new posts to come so stay tuned!

May 17, 2013

A dolls point of view

Green: Ivy
Pink: Sierra  
Blue: Saige
Red: Chickadee

Hi! This is my blog. Yep it's mine all mine!!! 

Hey Ivy, You know that it's not your blog, it's mama's!

Well Sierra, you know she didn't mean to get so carried away, right Ivy?

Um, yeah, sorry Sierra.

Anywho, we just wanted to tell you, that there will be a photo story this afternoon!

What? I thought it was a craft?!

Well, I thought it was picture day!

Girls, please get along, or else you won't get your own special post's this week.

Ok, sorry mama.

Yeah, sorry mom.

That's ok girls, and in a way, you all are right!


There will be a craft, a photo story, and Ivy, you are the star!!!

Wow! Thanks mama! 

This is gonna be fun!

We'll be seeing you around!

May 16, 2013

My first doll

This is Sierra the day after I got her. She is a My AG doll #47. She was a birthday present when I turned 11. The balloon and crown are exclusives that you get when you have a birthday party at the AG store. You also get a doll shirt that says "Lets Celebrate!" I got a matching crown like Sierra's. The cake was really good! It was the first time that I ever got to go to a AG store. Also, it was my first time at the Mall of America! Have you ever been to a AG store? Send in pics of your first time at an AG store by Sunday at 3:30 and I'll have a special post on it! Email me at!

May 15, 2013

My American Girl Dolls

Meet my dolls Sierra, Ivy, and Saige! They will have their own posts this week so you can get to know each of them! Tune in later to read about my first doll, Sierra.

Join this Yoopergirl's adventure

Welcome everyone!  This is my first posting on my new blog, Yoopergirl.  I am a girl in the U.P. of Michigan that loves everything from reading and American Girl dolls, to dirt biking and playing with my goats.  I am excited that it's finally starting to look like summer around here so I can get to playing outside.  I want to post about craft ideas and reviews on books I've read, and just my life as a yoopergirl!  I'm excited to share things I'm excited about and be able to hear from you all as well.  
Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone..summer has begun!!