July 29, 2013

Summer camp- AG style! part 6

"That parade was so much fun!" Saige said. "Yeah! I can't believe you caught that necklace Ivy!" Sierra said. 
"Thanks Sierra, but now I'm starved! Let's go eat!" Ivy said. 
"Mmm! Everything looks great Kathleen!" Saige said. 
"Thank you! Just help yourselves girls!" Kathleen said.
Sierra started to pick out what she wanted for lunch. 
"Alright, now go get your lunch!" Sierra said. 
"Yum! I'm going to enjoy this!" Ivy said eagerly. 
"Delicious!" Saige declared. 
"These are good seats for watching the fireworks!" Ivy squealed. 
"Oh! Wow, they are starting!" Saige said excitedly. 
"Oh! Here it comes, here it comes!" Sierra said with enthusiasm. 
POW! "Ohh. That was awesome!" Ivy said. 
Stay tuned for a tea party with friends!

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