August 27, 2014

My '70's girl style

Hi guys! Today I decided to be crafty and repurposed one of my old doll tanks and a pair of my jeans to make…..
I made and '70's inspired outfit for my '70's girl Ivy! 
The headband is one of my mom's bracelets. 
The shirt is a doll tank that I sewed randomly a year ago. Today I added the peace sign appliqué! The vest is a no-sew that I made/invented today. 
My cousin down in Iowa made this bracelet for me. It's too small, so I gave it to my dolls! I think it's the perfect accessory for Ivy's outfit. 
The bellbottom jeans were a christmas gift from my grandma two years ago, the same christmas I got Ivy! (She didn't even know that I had Ivy, and she gave me a whole '70's themed outfit for my dolls!) 
The boots are Ivy's meet outfit boots. 

Here is the back of the vest. Nothing too special really… 
So, thats what I crafted today! What have you crafted for your dolls recently?


  1. That's so cute!! You are amazing at textiles...
    I would never be able to make something like that.
    Oh and the rainbow loom<3 luv it!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. So cool! I love her outfit! Ivy looks even cuter! I want her SO badly. :D Nice job with the outfit!
    (Loving the Rainbow Loom!)

    ~Lydia~ <3
    (P.S. I nominated you for the LG award!