May 16, 2013

My first doll

This is Sierra the day after I got her. She is a My AG doll #47. She was a birthday present when I turned 11. The balloon and crown are exclusives that you get when you have a birthday party at the AG store. You also get a doll shirt that says "Lets Celebrate!" I got a matching crown like Sierra's. The cake was really good! It was the first time that I ever got to go to a AG store. Also, it was my first time at the Mall of America! Have you ever been to a AG store? Send in pics of your first time at an AG store by Sunday at 3:30 and I'll have a special post on it! Email me at!


  1. Hi Chickadee, I too love AG dolls. Did you see the newest additions to the summer line? I think they are making AG dolls that ride on dragons! My first time at the mall will be this weekend, I'll post pics later (Just Kidding :) This is Uncle Ben)

  2. Hi Uncle Ben! Dragon riding AG dolls would be so cool! I mean really, just look at my profile!