May 29, 2013

Craft: Surfboard

What you will need:
A Cereal box
Fun Foam, or construction paper
Pen or pencil
A Doll or stuffed animal

Now, this is optional, I just wanted a cute decal for my surfboard, it doesn't have to be layered. But anyways, this is what I did next. Draw a shape, anything you want, and cut it out.
Okay, now cut a square of cardboard off the cereal box. Set your doll or stuffed animal onto the square to measure how big it should be. Draw the outline of the surfboard onto the square and cut it out
Okay, now its time to add the decal from earlier. Just glue it on wherever you like.
I added an extra sequin!
Now use the markers to color it in! Have fun with your new surfboard!


  1. How do you think of these Livvy? It's amazing what you can think of.

  2. Thank You! I enjoy thinking of fun things to do with my dolls!