April 3, 2015

Winter Wasteland Tag

Here's another thingie I was nominated for by Piggy Luver in….. Well, a looong time ago. LOL. So, here are the rules. (yes, I know it is no longer winter)
  1. Share 5-15 things you like to do in the winter
  2. Tag 5-10 people.

Seems easy. Okay, so, let me just think about five days back to when it was actually winter. LOL. These are in no particular order.
  1. ICE SKATING!! I just learned how to this year, and got my own pair of ice skates! I skated like every single day! AHH!! IT'S SOOO FUN! Rant aside, let's continue.
  2. Sledding was fun, when you're not breaking your back by deciding to do a train and then crashing…. and being the one underneath your cousins… and their friends. Haha…..ha….ouch
  3. READING!! Especially Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus! I actually had a contest with Uppermichigirl to read them! Okay, so she was just finishing Son of Neptune (book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus) and I suggested, in a totally boastful way, that I could read all five of the PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and all five of the HoO (Heroes of Olympus) books before she could finish Mark of Athena (book 3), House of Hades (book 4), and Blood of Olympus (book 5). Well, I know you all are thinking, HA! I bet you got whooped! Well, to be perfectly honest, we called the contest off when we were BOTH on the last book, BoO (Blood of Olympus). We decided we wanted to read the last chapter together. (Technically, she won because she finished the rest of the chapters before the last one before I did) MOVING ON!
  4. Building snowmen armies! … Okay, so I built like one snowman, but who cares, right?
  5. Watching movies at the theater. Several times. Like Big Hero 6! I saw that one 4 times in the theater! And Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies! Saw that one twice! Both with Uppermichigirl! I also saw Annie with Piggy Luver, which was fun!
  6. Pinterest. Let's just say my whole winter basically revolved around Pinterest.
  8. Okay, this one is a bit weird. *deep breath* Customizing Ever After High dolls. Now some of you are like, "What? Why is that weird? What is it?" Well, here are some examples.

This is Dakota Riley. She's a custom 'Getting Fairest' Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping beauty. She just had her pink streaks taken out, a little trim off her hair, and an outfit swap.

This is Delia Kudo. Now, she was a little tougher. She is a custom 'Basic' Cerise Hood, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. She got side bangs, and a purple streak in her hair! She also had her original bangs removed. Her gray eyes were repainted brown and she had an outfit swap.

Now this, THIS is a challenge! This is Medusa Gorgon. She used to be 'Basic' Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen. Now, with her newly re-rooted green hair, and awesome new dress, that I sewed. Her eyes are now a piercing lime green, and her black and silver shoes have been repainted. In short, SHE'S AWESOME! 
That's about all I can think of for now, so I'll see ya'll later!
Here are the nominees

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