April 1, 2015

You are Amazing and so is your Blog Award

Wow! So, Piggy Luver nominated me for this award way back in January, and I have not been able to post the thingie! (or award, whatever you want to call it) So, here are the rules.
1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.
Okie-Dokie-Loki! So, there's the rules. Right there, ya see 'em? LOL, let's get to it! So here are her questions, and of course, my answers.

  • What is your favorite junk food? Hrm…. Well, I LOVE baked lays, and also Barbecue lays, but I'd have to pick POPCORN! YUMMY!
  • Are you a tomboy or girlie-girl? Define girlie-girl. Lol, JK. Probably tomboy.
  • What is your favorite post you have done? Like it here: Isabelle Diaries part 1. Definitely my personal fav.
  • If you only had 1 hour to live left, where would you live it? Huh. Never heard that one before. Umm, Somewhere surrounded by friends and family. And cookies. Definitely cookies.
  • Comfort, or uncomfortable fashion? Are you serious? COMFORT PEOPLE!!
  • Here are the nominees.
    Here are your questions:
    1. Have you read Percy Jackson?
    2. What is your favorite AG doll? That you own or want.
    3. Have you seen the youtube show Aspen Heights? (Agsmiless, you don't have to answer this one ;).)
       A. (this question is a bonus) What's your favorite episode of Aspen Heights?
    4. What's your favorite blog to read?
    5. Hoodie or Jacket?
    Have fun with my questions!

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