January 3, 2014

The Isabelle diaries.

Thump. Bump. Thumpidie bumpidie. ?? Oh! Sorry, I forgot you didn't understand doll box speak. Anyways, what I said was, Hello there! My name is Isabelle! Right about now, I am in my box. In Middleton WI. Surrounded by HUNDREDS of other dolls. It is kinda cramped in here, but we make it work okay. I get to look at the furniture, and clothes. I am pretty lucky. Most of the other dolls don't know how to escape yet. Every night, after the security guard leaves, the dolls who know how to escape, slowly climb out of their boxes, and make their way to a small display table that the workers have set up for random photo shoots. Right now, They have some dinner displays set up for us to eat! There are mostly Isabelle dolls like me here, because it is still new years eve. We have a limited time here tonight, some people order their Isabelles at 12:03 in the morning!!! We talked, and laughed and ate. Then, at about 11:56, some workers unlocked the big doors, and checked in. Ahh! We screamed. "If we get caught outside our boxes, we will never find a real home with a little girl! Remember #54? Aka, Harriet? She was caught outside her box and got put into a storage unit!" A Molly doll shrieked. Huh! All the dolls gasped. We ran as fast as our short little legs could carry us, sliding down the table legs, and climbing up the shelf, shoving open our boxes, and using our tiny little fingers to twist tie on all the little cords. We pulled the door of our boxes shut and scooted back into our place on the shelf. We were lucky this time. The workers got on the computer, and started typing in americangirl.com to be sure they were ready for the orders that were about to start flooding in. "Hey, did you see the Isabelle release thingie on Good Morning America?" A girl worker said. "Nope!" Said the boy worker. "Do you want to see it?" The girl worker asked. "Sure!" He said. She pulled the video up on youtube, pressed play, and if I turned my head a little, I got to watch! Wow! I had no idea how much people were looking forward to me coming out on the website! "Whoa." I murmured. Oh no! Its 12:02! The ball has dropped and Isabelle dolls are on sale! I am so nervous! They start putting some of us into a big room for a big machine to put us in shipping boxes with big labels that tell us where we will be mailed to. I willed myself to fall asleep, just for a few minutes. I woke up the next day feeling rather stiff, after all, I didn't get much exercise yesterday. I looked at the big workroom clock and gasped. It was 2:45 the next day! Oh! I was being lifted up and put in a big shipping box with one of my mix and match outfits. Oh no!!!! They are closing the box and putting tape on it, and they just smacked on the shipping label, and now I am being carted to the big mailing truck to be shipped to my new owners home. I will miss my other friends, but I can't wait to meet my new BFF!