June 24, 2013

Summer camp- AG style! part 2

Sierra had run ahead to camp because she was camp leader this month. "Can I get checked in please?" Sierra asked. "Sure! And here you are!" Laylie said. "Thanks!" Sierra said as she ran to their cabin. But first she had to pose in front of the camp sign. 
Here it is!!   
"Well! Cabin Razzle Dazzle hmm?" "Very interesting!" Meanwhile, 
"Can we be checked in please?" Ivy asked sweetly. "Why yes! Here you go girls!" Laylie said. 
Silly Salone! 
The register desk. 
"Can we have a camp map please?" Kathleen asked. "Sure girls!" Laylie said cheerfully.
"Wow! I can't wait to get started!"
Stay tuned for a camp tour from Ivy, Saige, and Pina!

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