June 26, 2013

Summer camp- AG style! part 3

"Hello! And welcome to "Ivy's amazing tours!" 
"Today, I'm going to take you on a tour of..... Camp Doll Diaries!" 
"Hmm. Let's start at the cabins!" 
"This is Cabin Razzle Dazzle!"  "Oh! Hello Salone!" 
My pretty paper dolls. 
"Why, hello Ivy! What are you up to?" Laylie asked. "I'm giving a tour!" 
"And now, we'll have a look at our lovely camp store! You can find almost ANYTHING here!" 
"Hey Ivy! Can I come with you on your tour?" Tylie asked. 
"And now, the arts and craft station!" 
"Ivy, are you sure you don't want this camp map?" Saige asked with concern. 
"No! I'm very sure Saige!" I do not need a camp map!" 
The camp game field!  
The Dining cabin! 
"Oh no!" 
"Whew! I think were safe here." 
"Wow! I can't believe we got up here!" 
"Uh oh, HELP!!!" 
"I'll save you Ivy!!" 

"Hmm, I think she went this way! Hold on Ivy! I'm coming!" 

"Oh my goodness!" 
"Ah, here we go!" 
"Wow! This is a really great view!" 
"Here, I'll help you down!" 
"Oh thank you so much for saving us!" 
Oh Tylie! 
 "I love you Saige!" 
"And this has been another tour with Ivy! And Saige, and Tylie." Stay tuned for a rainy Thursday!

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