June 28, 2013

Summer camp- AG style! part 4

"Why Julie! It is so nice to see you!" Ivy said. "It's nice to see you too Kirsten!" Sierra said. 
"Hello girls! It's me! Samantha!" Saige said. 
"I'm bored!" Ivy declared. "Hey! Why don't we go get some lunch?" Sierra suggested.  "Sure! Let's go!" Saige said. 
"C'mon gals!" Sierra said. 

"Ah, lunch time!" Ivy said eagerly. 
"Hey Sierra, whats that poster say?" 
"I don't know Ivy, let me look." 
"Wow! A talent show!" 
"Cool! We should totally enter! But wait, it's tomorrow!" Saige said. "Yeah, but we'll practice!" Ivy said enthusiastically.
"PINA! What are you doing!" Ivy yelled. 
"Oh my!" Saige exclaimed. 
"Why setting up the seats for the talent show tomorrow night!" Pina said. 
"Let's sign up!" Sierra said. 

"Now let's get practicing!" 
"Yeah let's go!" Ivy said.
 Well as they are practicing, tune later for practice and the big night!

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