December 17, 2013

New posts, blogs, and randomness!

Hi! Sorry about not posting my doll thanksgiving yet, I've had school, christmas card writing, picture taking, sledding, and working on my biggish project!! Don't worry, I will try to get new posts up soon. While I am still writing, here are two blogs I started reading! and! Hope you enjoy these two blogs!! Btw here is a random pic!
Lol! My goats were hanging out in the garden while I played with Saige this summer! That goat is Penny. the one laying down in the back is Lucy! Stay tuned and I should, if I can figure out my camera by then, have my thanksgiving post up by Thursday! I am having my immediate famliy's christmas on saturday, so I should have some pictures of that as well. Bye!


  1. I LOVE YOUR GOAT! :) :) lol

  2. And thank you for sharing my blog! :) I shared your blog on my blog! :) I don't know if you saw it or not though.