December 31, 2013

Farewell Saige!

As you might know, Saige is retiring January 1. I have Saige, and feel bad that she is leaving for good. (Don't worry, my Saige is here to stay!) So I have prepared a sendoff for the sweetheart!
                                                         Saige the way she comes. 
                                                                   Her accessories. 
                                                       Her movie, both blu-ray and dvd. 
                                                                         Her first book.
And her second book! 
Her Pjs. 
Her riding outfit. 
And of course, who has a riding outfit without a horse? This is Picasso.
Saige's sparkle party dress. 
The big balloon and accessories. 
The pretty tunic outfit. 
Her BEAUTIFUL sweater outfit. 
And her painting set!  
Here is a final photo that I edited using picmonkey! Bye bye for now everyone! Oh and, 

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