December 24, 2013

The news

"Ahh, home from camp and in our fall sweaters. This is the life." Saige said. 
"Wait, Sierra? Why are you dressed for summer? It's freezing outside!" Ivy asked. 
"Because dear sister." Sierra began. 
"I'm going to Disney World!!!" Sierra screamed. 
"Dee just got a letter from Disney, I wonder...." Pinkie said thoughtfully. 
"Well I'm off to deliver this letter!" Pinkie called. 
"Da dee do bop tra la la la LA!!!" Pinkie sang as she rode into fashion doll territory.
"Hey up there! Has anyone seen Dee?" Pinkie shouted.
"She's down there! On the other side of the table!" The upper side of the dolls told Pinkie. 
"Ok. Thank you!" Pinke said. 
"Hey Dee! Letter for you!" Pinkie said. "Oh! Thank you Pinkie!" Dee said. 
"Thanks for coming all the way upstairs to give this to me!" Dee said thankfully. 
"I'll just wait here!" Pinkie said. 
"Ok! Be careful of the railing! Lots of things can fall down there, and get broken!" Dee warned. 
"I wonder what the letter could say...." Dee thought. 
"Oh M GEEEEE!!" Dee squealed. 
Dee thought you might want to read this... 
"Eeee!" The girls squealed. 
"I will need a new dress for this occasion." Dee declared. 
                                                                So many choices! 
This one looks good! 
"Twenty dollars please!" Pina said. "Here." Dee said. 
"Hey guys! I am going to Disney world!!"Dee announced. 
"Alright but be careful! The hot florida sun will melt you!" Magnolia warned after the squealing had died down. 
They made their way into Petshopville. "Why are we here?" Dee asked Pinkie. "Oh, just for a few things." Pinkie replied. 
"I am ze Chef Smurf! And what can I  be doing for you on zis fine day?" Chef Smurf asked.  (He is french, so try to imagine him with a french accent!) "Oh! Madame le Pinkie it is you! I ave your order right here." He said pushing forward a basket of food. 
"Thank you Chef! This looks yummy!" Pinkie said thankfully as Chef loaded the food onto the camel. 
I just love this pic! 
"Here we are at the AG room!" Pinkie called out cheerfully. "Also locally known as, Chickadee's bedroom!" 
"Hi everyone!" Dee called.
"Dee? What are you doing so far from fashion doll territory?" Sierra asked. 
"Haven't you heard the news?" Dee asked. "I am going to Disney World!!!" 
"Thats right! She packed and everything!" Pinkie said with a nod. 
"I guess that means I will see you at Coronado Springs! Or even in the suitcase!" Sierra said happy to have a friend for the car ride. 
"Suitcase? I am getting a limo ride there!" Dee said triumphantly. 
"Really? Did you read the fine print at the bottom?" Ivy asked. 
"Nooo. Why?" Dee asked. "Well it says here that the limo is a pocket in Moms suitcase. And she's gonna put, or shove you into it. Ivy said slowly. 
"I don't care, I am gonna get packed." Sierra said. 
Here's my pjs, 
And the rest of my clothes! 
Here is my blanket/sleeping bag. 
"I must put all my clothes in there!" Sierra said. 
Poor Sierra. 
"Here is my doll that Aunt Uppermichigirl gave me!" 

"Isn't she pretty?" (Lol Uppermichigirl!) 
All the supplies 
"Well goodbye everyone!" Dee and Sierra said. 
"We will see you when we get back from Disney world!"

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