December 5, 2013

Summer camp-AG style! part 8

"What a wonderful day at camp." Saige said cheerfully. 
"You couldn't be more right." Sierra said. 
"Pant pant. Hey! Guys!" Ivy said, quite out of breath.
"Nothing could go wrong!" Saige said. 
"AHH!!" The girls screamed when Ivy flung herself onto the cabin floor!

"Ivy! Why would you do that!" Sierra cried. 
"Are you okay sweetie?" Their mom/camp counselor Chickadee asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Ivy said.
"So... WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!" Saige screamed. "Well, I gots some news!" Ivy said. "Today is the last day of camp!!!" "WHAT!" Cabin Razzle Dazzle screamed. "Are you serious? Ivy, if you're lying, mom will ground you for the rest of camp!" Sierra threatened. "Well," Ivy began. She is telling the truth girls. I'm afraid this is the last day of camp." Chickadee said, trying to hide her disappointment.
"Well, we might as well get started picking up." Saige said sadly as she began to load up one of the carts 
"I want to play with Auma! (Pronounced I-u-ma) My mongolian doll that aunt Uppermichigirl sent to camp!" Ivy whined. 
"I'm sorry Ivy, but we need your help in packing up all of our stuff!" Laylie said. 
"Here! I'll get the shoes!" Kathleen said. 
"Uh, here you go shoes!" Kathleen said. 
"Here! I'll give it a push so we can get started!" 
"Wow." Sierra said glumly. "Yeah, wow." Kathleen said. "It's so empty!" Saige said, wrapping Ivy up in a hug. 
"Look! The banner is still up." Ivy said. "Well, I guess we should get it down." Sierra said.
"Here Ivy, We'll lift you up so you can reach the corner of the banner!" Kathleen said. 
"A little higher please!" Ivy said, reaching up to grab the corner of the banner. 
"Well I got one side down, now I just have to get the other side." Ivy said. 
"Ohh.."The other girls groaned.

"Just, just lift me up a little!" Ivy protested. 
"Almost... I got it!" Ivy exclaimed. 
"Wow. It feels like just yesterday Mom was helping us check in." Saige said. "Yeah! And Ivy was giving her "Amazing tours, that Saige had to rescue her from! " Sierra said, as the other girls laughed. But Ivy just pouted.  "Ooh! Ooh! Or the talent show!" Kathleen said. "And the tea party, fourth of july picnic, and rainy thursday!" Ivy said. The girls sighed.
"Alright! Lets load up the cart! and get on in!" Saige said halfheartedly. 
"Can you believe that it took three carts to load up all of our stuff?" Kathleen said. 
"I can not believe they let us keep the sign!" Sierra said. 
"Finally done with the trip." Ivy said tiredly. 
"Hi everybody! We are home from camp!" Saige said. 
"Hi you guys! The house was really quiet with you gone all summer." Janna said.
 "I'll miss camp, but I am so glad that we are home." Saige said. "Yeah. There's no place like home." Sierra agreed. 
"Thanks for reading about our fun time at camp everyone!"

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  1. I find it funny that the summer camp went into fall and winter too!LOL!