January 24, 2014

Chickadee's 13 birthday!!!

A Few brief notes....

  • This is not my real birthday, my real birthday was a few days later!
  • Also, My birthday is in November.
  • Thirdly, this has nothing to do with everything else, but I am still working out the kinks in the video I am making, Upppermichigirl has already seen previews of it tho...... Anyways, here is the photo story!
"Chickadee's presents were great!" Cyanne said.  
"Yes. I will enjoy these expensive looking french chocolate mints!" Madame Cleona said. (They are not expensive at all) 
" Hello there and, excuse me, but can twice the bird be free?" (Maddie speaks riddlish. So if you don't understand, I will put the real meaning in parentheses. What she said was,  Hi! Can someone get me out please?) 
"I am thinking of a big tea party themed welcome party for that doll in the box." Pinkie announced. 
"Oh my goodness! We have to get her out!" Cyanne exclaimed.
"I will get you out!" Saige declared. 
"I think I should get her out myself." Chickadee said. 
"Hi! I am Cyanne!" Cyanne said. 
"Don't get any ideas about dethroning me you little newbie!" Madame Cleona said. 
"Look! I am an ever after high doll!" Cyanne said. 
Now the box is empty. 
"Hello dearie. I am Madame Cleona Drezela Antoinette the third. And who are you?" Madame Cleona asked. "Hey diddle diddle! I have a riddle, from Madeline Hatter to you! Madeline is me, or Maddie for short, but also for tall people too. (Meaning, Hi my name is Maddie. Do you want to hear a riddle?) 
"Umm. Ok, Hi! My name is Cyanne and thats Saige!" Cyanne said. 
"And I'm Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie said. 
"I think you and Pinkie will be best friends!" Cyanne declared. 
The girls explore the countertop for the perfect party place. 
"Hey Maddie! How about this place for your party?" Pinkie pie asked. "It is perfect Pinkie!" Maddie said. 
"Alright now. SHOO!" Pinkie said. 
"I will give you a tour of the doll area while we wait for Pinkie!" Cyanne said. 
"Over here is Dee! She is going with Chickadee to Disney world!" Cyanne said longingly. 
"And now to go upstairs!" Cyanne said. 
Its a long way up! 
Finally here! 
"Hi girls! This is Maddie!" Cyanne called. 
"So nice to meet you Maddie!" Magnolia said. 
"You are welcome to shop here whenever you like!" Pina said. 
"We had better get home now, Pinkies party record is four minutes, seventeen seconds! So if we don't hurry, we'll be late!" Cyanne exclaimed.
"We are just about ready! All we need is Cyanne and Maddie!" Pinkie said. 
"Here we are!" Maddie said. 
"Amazing party Pinkie Pie!" Maddie said in wonder. 
"Cheers to the new girl!" Saige said. 
"Cheers!" Everyone said. 
"This is the best party ever!" Maddie said. 
"Thank you for the amazingly hat-tastic welcome party!"