January 9, 2014

The Isabelle diaries

Hi! Isabelle here, and guess what? I am at my new BFF'S house! I know because I was taken out of the big, loud, noisy truck and set on the ground. Mph! It is freezing here!! Ah, Hello? Is anyone there? After a little while of just leaning up against the wall, I heard slow clumpy footsteps and a door opening! I screamed a little, I was so excited! I think whoever it was heard me, because I heard an excited squeal! I was then lifted up and carried inside. Whoever found me must have been excited, because I was being jostled from side to side in the big shipping box! Ouch! When we got inside, I heard the person who was holding me scream, quite out of breath, "SHE CAME!" Her mom said excitedly, "Well lets open her!" "Ok, let me just email Uppermichigirl first, I promised I would email her the second she came." All of a sudden, I was being opened! I was relived, until the box opened and an Ivy doll poked her head through the slats in the box an yelled, "HI!" I screamed with both terror and delight! I had a little sister! (As Isabelle will learn, thats not always the best thing to have, but the worst thing to have is a cousin named Kit. ;~) Uppermichigirl? LOL) I was pulled out of the shipping box, pried out of my regular box and held by my new BFF, Chickadee! After that she exclaimed over the adorableness of my outfit. So, I may have some posts sometimes, but I don't know yet. Anyways, See y'all soon! (BTW, This was supposed to be posted Jan 7)

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