January 7, 2014

The Isabelle diaries

B-O-R-E-D. Arg! I have been in this box since the first of January!! I am so bored! Yesterday, I was so bored that I read my book. Twice. Ah, but I still can't wait to meet my new BFFL! (Best friend for life) I wonder if I will have a little brother or sister. Maybe both! Ooh! I just can't wait! I wonder which one of my mix and match outfits is in the boxes next to me in this shipping package. It is dark in here, and VeRy BuMpY! Oh! We are pulling into a gas station! Or restaurant, depending on how long he stays inside. Sigh, I hope that they don't take too long, I want to get to my new friends house soon! And he is back in the car. I wonder if any other dolls are in this truck with me right now! Anyway, see you soon! (Btw, this was supposed to be posted january 6)

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