February 28, 2014

Elsa's cute and snowy adventure!

One day, Elsa was walking around, using her icy magic to make a wintery wonderland on the hearth. 
"Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! Let it go! Let it go! Turn away and slam the door!" Elsa sang. 
Oh look! A little snow lizard! 
And now he is mysteriously in a snowball! Elsa?? 
"I don't remember making this path." Elsa said, full of curiosity.  
"So I shall see where it leads!" Elsa declared. 
"I don't care, what they're  going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway." Elsa hummed as she walked down the icy path. 

"That's my BOX!" Elsa cried. 
"And. That's me! When I am older! I look so mean!" Elsa said, terrified of her future self. 
Oh! Here's a picture of what Elsa is standing on. 
All of a sudden, the magic ice changed to reveal...... ANNA! 
"Anna! Is it really you?" Elsa asked. 
"Yeah, it's me." Anna giggled. I just came to tell you that you should not be afraid of your powers, just embrace them!" Anna said encouragingly. 
Bye Everyone! 


  1. That is because she is a picture on the iPad.

  2. Still, her hair looks WEIRD!! LOL!

  3. they are so cute >////////<