February 19, 2014

Thanksgiving for the dollies! Part 3

As they waited for their food, Sierra began to circle the coupons for black friday in the newspaper. 
"Alright everybody! Cooome and get it!" Pinkie yelled. 
Here's a pic of all the food. 
And dishes. 
And what went into the punch. 
"The food's all ready now, you guys can go on up!" Pinkie informed. 
"And I believe that I shall go first?" Madame Cleona said. "No, the bigger dolls go first." Pinkie said.
"Elsa! Why don't you go first!" Saige suggested. 
"Come with me, and I will take you to the food!" Pinkie said. 
"Ok! I am kinda hungry after all." Elsa agreed. 
"First, get a plate and cup! Oh! And utensils." Pinkie said. 
"Got them Pinkie! Now what?" Elsa asked. 
"Now pick your food!" Pinkie said.

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