February 15, 2014

Thanksgiving for the dollies! Part 2

"Hi everyone! We're on our way to the thanksgiving dinner!" 
"Ok Sierra, me, Maddie and Dee are all dressed up and ready to go!" Elsa said. 
"Lets get going already!" Dee said. 
Here's Elsa's salad.  
"I'm ready guys!" Elsa said. 
"Alright guys! I have prepared seating arrangements for all off us!" Pinkie said. 
"Me and Iridessa have extra seats and stands for you!" Pinkie announced. 
Here's the seating for the fashion dolls. 
And here's Tylie and Salone. 
The Disney fairies table. 
Sierra's seat. 
Elsa's seat. 
And Ivy and Saige's seats. 


  1. Woah, Thanksgiving was like four months ago. You know that rite? '.' LOL!