February 15, 2014

Thanksgiving for the dollies! Part 1

"Hi guys! We are here to pick up the stuff for Thanksgiving!" Cyanne announced. "Who's the new girl?" Saige asked curiously.
"My name is Elsa!" Elsa said. 
"Oh yes, Chickadee got her in Disney world while she was there!" Maddie said. 
"Oh! Well Elsa, do you want to come with us?" Saige asked. 

"This is all the food we have already gotten, but we need a lot more if we want to feed everyone!" Saige remarked. 
"Lets go!" Elsa squealed excitedly. "Alright here we go!" Saige said.  
"Wee! This is fun!" Elsa said excitedly. 
"We need Jiffy!" Cyanne screamed as she dove into the food box.  
What are you doing Silvermist? 
"Do you think we'll need crescent rolls?" Elsa asked. 
A close up of the crescent rolls. 
"Yes! We need crescent rolls!" Cyanne agreed. 
Some chips. 
And a chocolate cake. 
"Here! We have Jiffy and some chicken soup." Cyanne said. 
"And salad mix and a crescent roll!" 
"And here are the ingredients for my turkey tamales!" Saige said. 
"See?" Saige said. 
"I found some dishes!" Elsa said.
Here's a better look. 
"Let's start getting back in the now full of food doll box that we rode here in!" Cyanne said. 
"Let me in girls!" Elsa said. 
What was left of the food. 
The food. 
'I'll carry this!" Silvermist said. 
"Saige! We have to get going! Pinkie pie needs this food for the thanksgiving dinner!" Cyanne yelled. 
"Bye Elsa!" We'll see you soon! 

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